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spz ([personal profile] spz) wrote2010-08-23 07:36 am

prejudice is difficult to get rid of

(old) SMBC saying sexism was on the Y chromosome

I wished. If all women suddenly stopped being sexist, even just being sexist to the detriment of women, that would already be a huge step towards a fairer world. But getting a grip on ones prejudices (even those one knows to be wrong by being a counter example, and even those that bite oneself) is lots harder than it should be.

I'm not particularly happy with myself when I catch myself thinking of someone else as their stereotype, the only consolation is that it beats not even noticing when you do it. Because when I notice, I can kick myself and tell me sternly "don't do that". :}
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I didn't realise I was doing it until someone called me on it.

I suspect I wouldn't have accepted the call earlier in my life, but I was receptive to it then.

And when I really looked I was shocked to see how misogynist I was.

Now I've realised it and whapped myself enough when it happened, I feel happier around other women.