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The Petrie Multiplier

So Ian Gent blogged about an explanation Karen Petrie had for why women in tech experienced more sexism than men, and David Chart refined it.

What I am missing here -- i.e. what really rubs me raw, is that usually, when blatant sexist talk gets issued, the woman is very often not the only listener, and that in 99.9% of cases, if any man comments at all, it is to make sympathetic noises .. at the one spouting sexism. And if a woman protests, she usually gets a pack of men mocking her. Because it is so funny to see a woman being upset about having her ability to do her job (or to ever receive any credit for what she does) summarily denied the fourth time that day.

You would think that a guy would protest if another guy called their mother, sister, wife or daughter incompetent, too stupid to live, generally useless, never doing anything of value in their entire lives, and a parasite on men. They don't. No "you're being a tad unfair there". No "they aren't all like that" which is the usual inoffensive female response to a ranting woman. Instead "yes, that's exactly how they are".

Either these men are too stupid to even notice that when they say "women" that's also their wife etc they are condemning, or loyalty is seriously not a common trait in men.

And men question their sexist brainwashing a lot less than the above calculations assume.